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Reduce car insurance premiums – 09 best ways

Expert reviews ways on how to reduce car insurance premiums

If you are either contemplating of buying your first car or looking for an upgrade which would invariably need to be insured or renewing your current car insurance, then this would be the right time to look over our 09 best ways to reduce car insurance premiums and see if it would help you, request insurance providers to call you back.

reduce car insurance premiumsCompare insurance quotes online – reduce car insurance premiums via comparison

1. Preventing car theft and carjacking

If your car is securely locked up in a garage with a burglar alarm system in place and you have the necessary deterrents installed in the car which would prevent theft of your car, your insurance premiums would reduce.

If you have a tracking device like “Telematics” which is controlled by Global Positioning Systems (GPS) installed in your car, the old fashioned “steering lock” or any other immobilizing device, this too could see a substantial reduction in insurance premiums. 

2. Brush up on your driving skills

A crash course in improving driving skills from a recognized institution would also hold you in good stead when you submit it with your car insurance policy application and the insurer would consider a reduction in premiums.

3. Select an inconspicuous car

Driving around in a flashy four wheel drive, sports utility vehicle or even a sports car that would draw the attention of carjackers and car thieves would land you a higher premium.

Such cars would cost more to repair if damaged in an accident and car insurers would definitely take this into serious consideration.

4. Below average running

If you are one of those who do not clock many kilometers per month and use the car sparingly you would definitely enjoy a lower car insurance premium. 

5. Shop for the best that would suit you

Shop around and find out which car insurer could offer you the best premiums for the most attractive package. You could walk, talk or chat online.

Ask as many questions as you would want because this is the time you are important to all insurers so try to wring out the optimum but ensure that they are the same questions that you have posed.

6. Maintain good credibility

Ensure that you have a good credit record if not which you could be a high risk individual who would not pay premiums in time and could be denied better and lower premiums. 

7. Accident free driving

If you could demonstrate to the car insurer that you have been a very careful driver and not been involved in major accidents, you could enjoy lower reduce car insurance premiums.

8. Amalgamate all insurance policies

If your car, home, household effects, jewelry and any other personal effects are insured try to amalgamate everything as one packaged insurance policy.  

9. Negotiate your commitment in an eventuality

In the event, the unforeseen happens try to negotiate how much of the risk that you would be liable to bear and this could substantially reduce your premiums.

Summary reduce car insurance premiums

Be honest and truthful and inform everything about you to the car insurer, and if you have nothing to hide you could get a good deal with a very low premium. Make a wise decision by comparing car insurance quotes from the best insurance companies in South Africa.


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