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Buying vehicle insurance

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Buying vehicle insurance

In South Africa Buying vehicle insurance is a taboo, but why? buying vehicle insuranceHow easy is it buying vehicle insurance in South Africa had about 11 million registered cars in 2020, but only 30-40% of the 11 million vehicles had car insurance. These statistics is a clear indication that most South African car owners don’t buy car insurance. South Africa in terms of world ranking when it comes to the number of accidents that happen annually on our roads it is ranked at number 159 out of 175 countries. Most of the accidents are reportedly happening during the festive season. The cost that South Africa incur due to road crashes sits at around 164-billion rand per year. Compare affordable business insurance for smooth operations

Buying taxi insurance

A report by Arrive Alive focusing on the taxi industry estimated that 70 000 minibus taxis crash in South Africa annually, which is double the rate of other passenger-carrying vehicles. These crashes happening in the taxi industry leaves a lot Buying vehicle insuranceof the taxi bosses in huge financial crisis because majority of them don’t have taxi insurance. Apply on the form and compare vehicle insurance for taxis and transport. South Africa has also been experiencing a rise in service delivery protests. These protests follow the same fashion where goods in transit trucks are been hijacked. Protesters use these trucks to block roads and later loot and burn them. This type of behavior results in huge losses for those within the trucking industry who never had transport insurance. Below we are going to discuss some of the reasons why most South African car, taxi, or truck owners don’t have insurance.

Buying vehicle insurance online for business

 Motor insurance is just expensive

People who don’t have vehicle insurance believe insurance is expensive, and not having it you are saving a lot of money. This misconception is brought about by lack of knowledge that vehicle insurance is only expensive if you buy it from a wrong company that values money than to provide value to the client.

Getting a good vehicle insurance takes time

Most vehicle owners have been taken for a ride by most vehicle insurance companies due to lack of professionalism and trying to rip off clients. In a normal situation to get a car, taxi or truck insurance it takes about a day or two provided you have all your documents in order.

Complicated Language

Most people find it hard to understand words used by insurance companies, and this leads to more people taking a risk of driving their cars, taxis or trucks without insurance. As a client you need to ask the agent who is assisting you for clarifications with regards to terms of the insurance you don’t understand, and most agents do explain these terms for you without them been angry with you. Lack of trust when buying vehicle insurance Many vehicle owners don’t trust the taxi, car or truck insurance agents because they believe the agents are on a mission to reap them off, and not to provide affordable vehicle insurance.


The bottom line is you really need a car, taxi or transport insurance. Vehicle insurance helps you in times of need, for example, if you get involved in an accident the car, taxi or truck insurance company will help you fix your vehicle fast and easy, rather than to park it, shut down or worse going around borrowing money to fix your vehicle. The second reason you need a car, taxi or truck insurance it is because it helps you to replace your vehicle in a case where your vehicle was either hijacked or stolen. The Car, taxi or truck insurance companies also assist with repairs if your vehicle has been damaged by either hail or fire. Imagine driving on a highway with kids, passengers or goods and your vehicle happens to break down, what will you do? well, with vehicle insurance you have access to roadside assistance. Another reason you need insurance is that some companies offer you cashback for good driving, just imagine been paid to drive your car well. The other reason you need insurance for your vehicle, especially if you are in the stock in transit business is that you never know what will happen to your truck or goods when you are traveling from point A to B. Transport insurance will help you make sure that you are covered in terms, mishandling damages or any other form of damage. The different types of damages covered by transport insurance could include explosion, theft, and fire. Am sure by now you can see the are many benefits of having your vehicle go insured than driving and uninsured vehicle. Now that you know having a commercial vehicle insurance is beneficial, the next thing you should do is to look around, and ask for Quotes from different insurance companies, so that you can have a helping hand in difficult times. When you get a quote, it is very important to reflect on your needs, and what you are getting from the insurance you are taking for your vehicle.

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