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Transport insurance

Transport insurance

Looking for transport insurance? Compare quotes and find the cheapest deals in South Africa.

All modes of transportation, including watercraft, cruises, taxis, buses, planes, and much more, will guarantee that you are covered no issue what occurs.

Are you searching for a way to cover your various forms of transportation in all of South Africa’s main cities?

And there are some parallels between car and business insurance, transport insurance will examine the following seven factors when insuring your fleet of trucks or individual vehicles:

Types of transport insurance

Trucks, Taxis, Buses, Aircraft, Motorcycles, and Deliveries & Couriers are all covered under Transport Insurance.

Because vehicles are used for business purposes, the premium will always be higher than personal insurance cover.

Multiple drivers utilize business cars in most cases, which is why our commercial vehicle insurance will be necessary to cover all of your company’s authorized drivers.

Our commercial insurance policy will cover the transportation of products that is not part of your business.

Goods in transit insurance South Africa

Transportation insurance can be used for personal lines insurance, but it’s also utilized in commercial insurance for companies moving goods both domestically and abroad. This form of insurance can cover land, air, and sea transportation. Packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, transit, and storage of items while in transit may all be covered depending on the type of coverage you choose.

We have a very low incidence rate because we avoid any mishaps.

Unfortunately, the removals profession is a high-risk sector since workers handle fragile, sensitive, and often poorly built products that aren’t meant to endure transit or the extra handling necessary when relocating homes or workplaces.

Taxi and transport insurance

As specialists in the minibus cab sector, we provide a variety of taxi insurance policies, ranging from comprehensive to basic protection against theft, hijacking, and accidents.

We’re committed to fulfilling the taxi industry’s specific demands and safeguarding insurance holders as a taxi driver.

Taxis and minibuses are two of the most common modes of transportation. Include Uber, Bolt, and Taxify drivers, as well as shuttle services, tour guides, and other similar businesses. We provide the coverage you require if you use your car to transport fare-paying passengers.

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