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Category: home insurance South Africa

  • Solar Geyser Insurance

    Protect Your Solar Geyser Investment with Solar Geyser Insurance Solar geysers are becoming an increasingly popular method of heating water in homes and businesses. They not only save you money on your power costs, but they also minimize your carbon impact. But, solar geysers, like any other equipment, can fail suddenly, and repairs or replacements…

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  • Separate Solar Panel Insurance

    Why You Need Separate Solar Panel Insurance: Protecting Your Investment Solar panels are an expensive purchase for any household or company owner. They not only produce clean energy and lower your carbon footprint, but they also increase the value of your house. But, with such a large investment, it is critical that you have enough…

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  • Geyser insurance

    Geyser insurance is a type of insurance that covers damage caused by burst geysers. It is often included in homeowners insurance policies, but some insurers may exclude it or increase the excess amounts to minimize their losses. It is important to check your policy to see what is covered Geyser excess insurance If you’re a…

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  • Ring Insurance South Africa

    Ring Insurance South Africa: Protect Your Precious Jewellery with Peace of Mind Your engagement or wedding ring is more than just a piece of jewellery; it holds a special place in your heart and represents your love story. Losing or damaging it can be devastating, emotionally and financially. That’s why ring insurance is essential to…

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