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life insurance

Insurance for life

Get a free term life insurance quote and learn about additional coverage choices.

Why should you obtain life policy? To begin with, you must safeguard your family and those who rely on you for financial assistance. Your beneficiaries will get a payment from all insurance policies.

Life policy calculator South Africa


What is the cost of Insurance for life?

What is the best amount of insurance to buy?

The monthly cost of life insurance policy is calculated using our calculator. Based on the death benefit, the insurance you purchase may cost more or less.

Family Funeral cover

Lights for a Family Funeral

From R29 per month, the Life Family Funeral insurance provides inexpensive and straightforward cover, providing you peace of mind knowing your family or loved ones would be protected from unplanned funeral costs in the case of death.

Register now for up to R50000 in coverage for you and up to 9 other members of the family.

There are no waiting periods for unintentional death.

What is the function of life policy? Can I get cheaper options, quotes?

The worst occurs has no time stamp. Premiums for insurance are low-cost monthly payments that guarantee family members are protected in the case of death, critical sickness, or incapacity.

If indeed the breadwinner is unable to make a living, monies are set away in the form of insurance so that the family may continue to live comfortably. Education, healthcare expenditures, business operations, and day-to-day living for those left behind can all be covered by Insurance.


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