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Life Insurance cover

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Life insurance cover

Are you a South African citizen looking for life Insurance quotes online?

Life insurance cover in South Africa is the type of insurance that cater to the young ones when an insurer doesn’t have to capacity. This type of insurance policy in South Africa will fund you and your family financially against the uncertainty of life. In a situation of death, the family will be paid some amount of money in order to take care of the deceased funeral activities.

Life insurance calculator online

With life insurance cover, an insurer will also be covered for medical bills in some unforeseen occasions such as sickness, accident or any other incident that is concerned with the insurer welfare.

life insurance cover

Here are the three types of insurance terms:

life insurance 

The term life insurance policy will cover you for a stipulated period of time. it is good to type of life insurance coverage for those who feel they need coverage for a short period of time. This type of insurance policy can be bought for years like ten, fifteen to twenty years. The customer will enjoy the policy during the stipulated period such as paying off the home mortgage. Though this policy is very affordable there is no cash or value of investment once the insured has paid off the policy. The only time to enjoy the policy is the time of existence after the policy ends off, and then the benefits will cease to work. During the period of term life insurance, if the insured passes away, the policy allows the company to pay out cash to their estate.

whole life insurance

This type of policy is more comprehensive than the term insurance. Whole life insurance provides the insured a payout. The insured will pay the policy from the day of investment until the time of death or until the insured surrender’s the policy. The insurance company will provide a cash value due to the premium the insured is paying to the company. If the insured dies, the policy permits the insurance company to pay out to their estate. Once the insured has paid the premium for a long time to earn value, the insured is permitted to borrow money against the insurance policy. The premium for this kind of policy is always higher than that of term insurance.

The universal policy

Universal insurance is a policy that is long for the whole life which has an investment option. For all the premium payment appreciates above the premium cost of the insurance which makes an additional cash into the insured account. Interest is been earned every month with this policy but the policy is higher than other types of life insurance policies.


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