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AA Car insurance

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AA car insurance South Africa

AA car insurance South Africa is one of the leading car insurance companies in South Africa. This car insurance company, have been in existence for over 80 years. AA insurance

This company was formed in 1930 which it started from providing roadside assistance. By 1965 company increased the number of members of 250,000 and further increased by 1980 with the membership number of 675,000. They later formed a club named AA club in the year 2000 where they brought the offer of a national call center and battery service. today Apart from offering roadside assistance to the south Africans A.A company also engaged in car insurance, legal adviser, driver training, travel advice, holiday travel packages and technical adviser.

Today A.A is a licensed financial services provider (FSP) with a license number: 16354 and also part of a group owned by few well-known insurance companies.  The company’s main office is situated at Denis Paxton house, Kyalami Grand Prix circuit, 1685, Allandale.

Car insurance quotes online

Request insurance quotes for cars today, save money and time. A person applying for car insurance in A.A insurance company will get a full quote represented by hand-selected underwriters based on the information provided by the client. It will then be fixed for a year ones the information is set. In addition, any client who applies for A.A car insurance will get a benefit by automatically becoming a member of A.A insurance. The company also render car insurance for clients traveling from South Africa to neighboring countries. Auto & general underwrites A.A insurance.

Does my Comprehensive policy cover my children’s car seats?

Yes defiantly, children’s car seats are covered by the insurer.

Your insurer will also cover any fitted entertainment into your car, hands free communications and navigation systems tools and breakdown toolkit equipment this must be permanently kept in your vehicle at all times, seat covers, roof racks, first aid kits, torches, fire extinguishers.

Buy car insurance cover online

The company’s registration is done online and after payment immediately, the car insurance will start operating. Anyone who is interested in getting a quote from AA insurance should fill the form on the top left side of their home page they will respond as soon as possible. Buy car insurance online today.

AA Tools and information

  • Rates and distance calculator  
  • Road condition report
  • fuel price

 Car insurance coverage

A.A insurance offers some coverage namely; Theft and fire insurance, third party insurance, and fully comprehensive insurance. These comprise of an option of claiming accident damage to a  vehicle along with damages you caused to the other parties property, damage of the third party property, accident damages, and theft or hijacking.

Value Added products benefits

They are also involved in towing, storage, car hire, discount on advanced driving programs and installation of a tracking device.

AA car insurance can help you with

  • Accidental claim assistance 
  • Fine payment assistance and licence renewal
  • toll fees and tariffs 
  • Assist value combo, battery service 

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AA products and services

With A.A insurance, you can get extra types of insurance like, Credit shortfall: that is if a car writes off and the amount insured doesn’t cover money due for financing and household basic insurance that covers the buildings and content. Credit protection: that is the protection against the inability to meet up with payment of vehicle due to hospitalization, disability or retrenchment.

AA Advanced+ Products

This includes:

  • AA car insurance and warranties
  • travel insurance
  • international driving permit
  • Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD)

Company’s review

AAn insurance company is a popular insurance company in South Africa also called company AA. they are popularly recognized for their road sided attitude. The company seems to be more positive. Last 12 months some numbers approximately 149 reviews were placed on hellopeter, based on these reviews, 70% were glad about the kind of services rendered by A.A insurance and remaining 30% had different complains like no quick response, improper outcome, and bad services. According to, all the reviews about the company were a great one. These show that the company provides good services.

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