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ABSA iDirect Car Insurance

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ABSA idirect car insurance

ABSA Car Insurance Company in South Africa

ABSA car insuranceAbsa iDirect car insurance is a wealth management services company in a full range it also offers banking services. The car insurance company is the subordinate of Barclays African group which provides services to small business owners, individuals and all other business organizations. Based on the findings from their website, Absa studied the way the business is been provided and they see that the services are equally crucial to the real services themselves. Absa Company consists of some executives who are named Maria Ramos and David Hodnett.

Based on the latest information online, Absa has officially launched a special entrepreneurship Centre which is situated in Johannesburg in November year 2013 as some of the plans set for the allocation of huge amount of money to the little business sector as a goal set to assist the development of their various businesses. Small and large companies and compare absa business insurance quotes.

ABSA iDirect insurance for cars

Absa car insurance company is situated at the 7th floor of Barclay’s towers west number 15 troye streets, Johannesburg, 2001. In South Africa, with P.O. box 2235, Johannesburg 2000. Absa Company services such as financing projects, insurance services and banking. Absa insurance company provide insurance services such as car insurance, life insurance, travel insurance and many more. They are also called Absa iDirect.

Absa vehicle insurance going into car insurance service, it is very beneficial to understand that there are two choices. The first choice is by getting car insurance directly with the assistance of Absa iDirect, and the second choice is by getting car insurance through one of the company’s advisors who is meant to carry out more strategic plan to suite your requirement.

Regarding the first choice, by insuring you with Absa car insurance, which is also called iDirect, there are three insurance choices which could be compared to those obtained by different companies that are based in South Africa.

How much does absa homeowners insurance cost?

These three choices are comprehensive, third party fire insurance and theft car and third party only Insurance choices. Absa homeowners insurance can also review affordable premiums and coverage. Apply now for home insurance quotes from SA trusted insurer.

Comprehensive car insurance choice

This will cover your vehicle from damage like accidental damages, fire, theft, hijacking and also damage that occur to the property belonging to the third party. This includes the personal liability insurance which is charged at a particular amount. Request quotes here, absa car insurance quotes are affordable motorists give good reviews.

Third party fire and theft choice

This is a cover that allows you to select your own choice of insurance for your vehicle like damage due to fire insurance cover, theft hijacking and damage by accident that you have caused to the third party. In this choice, damage to your personal vehicle will not be covered.

Third party only

This choice might be the reasonable one if your personal car’s value is old. This choice will cover any damage you have caused to the property of third party. Note that this choice will not cover any accidental damage done to your car.

Absa iDirect vehicle claims contact number

In order to submit claims to idirect through the company’s you can contact their claim as it is always available on 0860 100 876

There are some optional benefits you can get in Absa car insurance company from Absa idirect

Car hire

You can get the benefit of replacing your vehicle whenever your car is out for repair. absa idirect is the best at insuring motorist vehicles.

Sound equipment

If your vehicle is not a factory fitted, you can also be covered with a replacement of factory fitted vehicle with sound equipment.

ABSA idirect car insurance Extending personal liability cover

You can also get the benefit of increasing the grade of your liability coverage to higher one.

Accessories coverage

Your car accessories also have the benefit to be covered such as body kit, alloy wheels, tow bars, and so on.

absa idirect roadside assistance

Get 247 emergency roadside assistance.

Customers review

According to the reports from, they retrieved 6680 feedbacks while analyzing those reports, 89% were said to be about complaints while 11% were all about commendations. This report shows that complaints are more than that of commendation which shows a bad report of Absa car insurance company. Most of the complaints, were based and accounts or billings. This analysis shows that the company needs to improve in the area of billing and accounting section because it does not show a good sign of report at respecting of their banking operation they are not supposed to be troubled in this section. According to, its either they are lacking response ability or they taking their time to respond to reports.

Absa car insurance company is a big company which provides complete range of services to a number of customers. According to some recent articles online they are been categorized to the banking and finance sector. There are benefits of using such company for car insurance, but also has its own problems. They are also known to be top business company with strong financial background but do not take time in response to customers report. It has been concluded by the customers that car insurance services might not be their real business.

absa idirect car insurance contact number

0860 109 693

Compare car insurance quotes from other insurance companies in South Africa.

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