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Standard Bank Insurance

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Standard Bank car Insurance

Standard Bank car Insurance South Africa

Standard bank car insurance is a company set up to run financial services. The standard bank was created 150 years ago and started spreading their branches over other African countries in the 1990s. In the year 2013, the standard bank has achieved over 1200 branches in African countries with about 52000 workers employed in the companies all over the branches. The leading executives are S. Tshabalala and B. Kruger. Standard is made up of 3 Standard bank car insurancebranches namely, the investment and corporate banking, wealth-liberty, and individual and business banking. The aspect of car insurance is in the individual and business banking. The standard bank leading is situated on floor number 9 of the standard bank Centre, 5 Simmonds Street, with P.O box 7725.

Based on the information we gathered from their website, Standard bank car insurance provides both financial and banking services which include transactional banking, risk and wealth management and so on. Because of this article, their services will be narrowed to the insurance services. The standard bank provides some insurance services such as travel insurance, loan insurance, home insurance, life, and funeral insurance and the car insurance. Types of business risks you can look out for.

According to their website, we also gather the information that they provide some range of coverage options, which is set as the benefits you, will gain if your car develops a problem such as damages, theft, or repairs.

Some of the coverage options are

By replacing your vehicle or pay you based on the current selling price of the vehicle, by paying you the amount paid when buying the car.

Giving you the purchasing price of your car, which is a year newer than your vehicle. Paying you the sales value of your vehicle according to the available information. All these options are giving based on your choice and also some factors such as age economic value and other factors. use car payment calculator with insurance, less struggles when calculating rates.

Standard bank car insurance also has some additional benefits for their customers such as

Helping customers in delivering their vehicle to the specified destination after their vehicle is been repaired. Assisting customer with towing of their vehicles to the nearest workshop for repair or fund your storage fee. Serving customers in fixing their cracked or chipped windscreen.

  • Funding the cost of third-party damages.
  • Helping customers with medical costs
  • Replacement of sound equipment
  • Helping the clients to pay for tracking device of the new car in a situation where a new car is been stolen
  • Helping customers with misplacement of keys, remotes, and locks.

How to file insurance claims with standard bank car insurance

The standard bank car insurance company has created a page which is mainly on how the file claims with their company. The page has explained the process of downloading the necessary forms and sending the documents to the right number.

Standard bank insurance Customers report

According to the research recently conducted by, feedbacks of about 8660 reports were retrieved. While analyzing the reports, it was stated that standard bank car insurance company has the highest number of the report compared to other insurance companies. Out of those reports, 12% of the reports were based on commendation while 88% were based on complaints from the customers. This report shows that the company is not doing well in their services in the area of billing/accounting and response. According to the feedbacks, the areas of most complaint are the billing/accounting aspect and also the response area. This report has shown the company the area of improvement. They need to improve in the area most especially the response by employing active customer service operators in order not to lose their customers to other companies.

How friendly is the website of standard bank car insurance to their customers?

The website pages are well organized by giving out a clear explanation. The website is made up of any information about the company most especially the history of the company generally as well as their participation in the growth of communities. In the aspect of car insurance most especially, the website is moderately scarce, but a link to their car insurance policy in which their options are explained in detail. Though it is a little bit hard to study they can also assist their prospective clients if brief summaries of the car insurance coverage are been provided. But if the customers can study carefully, all the information is there.

Car and Home Insurance with Standard Bank Insurance Brokers

Standard bank car insurance contact details

South Africa


6 Hollard Street, Marshalltown, Johannesburg, 2001



Standard Bank is one of the largest and oldest banks in South Africa. They are equipped with large choices of services. That is too many services according to their website. The company is also known to have the longest history with the provision of assistance in community development. The customers report as indicated much of negative comments about the company which can tarnish the company’s image which has been built over years. Viewing this report, it will be very difficult for us to advice any customer to patronize the services of the standard bank because of the report we have gathered.

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