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WesBank Car Insurance

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WesBank Car Insurance

WesBank Car Insurance South Africa 

WesBank car insurance is a large financial company in South Africa which is based on providing financial and management to customers. The company has been in existence for over forty years. WesBank insurance company is a subdivision of FirstRand Bank limited, which means WesBank car insurance is among the FirstRand group. The executives of WesBank car insurance include Sizwe Errol Nxasana as the CEO and Johan Burger as the WesBank car insurancedeputy CEO. The head office of WesBank is situated at Fairland in Wesbank, Enterprise Road, Fairland, 2170.

WesBank provides a variety of financial and insurance choices for both private and commercial, individuals and organization. For the individuals, services such as primarily personal and vehicle insurance are offered.

WesBank car insurance offers the only comprehensive option of coverage unlike other insurance company that will offer three coverage options like third party fire insurance policy and theft insurance coverage, third party only insurance coverage. The comprehensive insurance they offer contains any form of total loss or damage which happen to your car accident, through fire, theft or the third party liability insurance cover.

WesBank car insurance also offers some included comprehensive car insurance benefits such as

Return to the invoice which serves as a form of guide again depreciation of the vehicle. In this case, the difference between the real price paid and the insured value of the vehicle will be covered.

Smart which serves as a policy that covers the maintenance of small vehicles like scratches and minor accidents.

Cover plus which is a policy that covers the difference between the amount the insurance company compensates you which is not enough to replace what is been damage in the car in a where your car is been written off.

Courtesy car in a situation where your car is been stolen, out for repair, servicing or written, your car will be covered for what is called a courtesy car.

If you want to file a claim with WesBank car insurance, you can log on the website, click on my account which will make you access the online customer service. Though it is not really clearly stated I think that will help you file your claims to the company.

How Related is WesBank Insurance Website?

Looking at the website, we felt it was an updated one and also it is easy to navigate but the information provided was very short and easy to understand but also incomplete. The company’s history was really true to some extent, particularly the areas of car insurance options for which there was no specific information based on their coverage options.

This has made it so difficult for people to understand what type of offer they present. Another observation is the area of additional policy in which the customer can select from the era the benefits the customers can get from another insurance company, for instance, the normal insurance policy. After we have searched the wesBank insurance website all over, we feel the information, are fewer and we will need to get more as a potential customer.

As good as the website is, the only problem we observed was that the information is not detailed. We, therefore, advised the WesBank insurance to update their website page, with detailed information for prospective customers to know more about their offers.

Wesbank car insurance contact numbers

Emergency Assist

0860 70 60 50

Claims & Policy Services

011 632 6000

Customers Report

According to the reports from, they retrieved 660 reports while analyzing those reports, 17% were said to be about complaints while 83% were all about commendations. This report shows that complaints are more than that of commendation which shows a bad report of Westbank car insurance company. Mostly the complaint was based and accounts or billings. This analysis shows that the company needs to do more improvement in the area of billing and accounting section. While many reports received by the company were responded to, some complaint filed to the company for the past few months have not gotten their response. In this case, customers would have to think twice before doing any form of transaction with the company because reports have shown that the company is not doing well at all. Therefore I will advise you to be very careful of any form of services from the company.


WesBank insurance company was created about 40 years ago. As their commercial in the YouTube channel states that “practice makes perfect” and they have been in existence for about 40 years which means they have had plenty time to practice by this time they should have been perfect. According to the report we gathered from, it shows that they are not yet at the stage of perfection. Therefore they need more practice until they stop getting high complaints than commendation. After reviewing their car insurance policy on their website, we discovered that the information was not in details. They are very hard to understand and this can make their clients get confused. We will, therefore, advise anyone to think twice before purchasing an insurance policy from the company.

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