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Discovery car Insurance

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Discovery car Insurance

Discovery Insurance Company South Africa

Discovery car insurance was established about twenty four years ago. discovery insuranceDiscovery insurance was once a health insurance. However, the company has now grown to be a company serving about six million clients around four continents according to their web site statistics. With the aim of making good assurance of people’s health. Many efforts have been made by the company in making policy and product that encourage the health, wellbeing and financial security of their client.

Apart from south Africa, discovery insurance also conduct business in china and U.K. their goal is to spread good health care in south Africa. The Discovery insurance is currently headed by A Gore as the CEO, chairperson and managed by MI Hilkowitz.

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Discovery car Insurance Coverage

Discovery insurance offers three coverage such as third party only, full comprehensive and fire and theft insurance policy. With the third party, theft and fire insurance cover discovery covers you when your car is damaged due to an accident, fire, hall, storm, lightning, hijack or theft. In addition when you caused an accident and another is car damaged the company will cover you on the expenses of putting the car in place including the medical. Request call for insurance quotes here.

Third party only covers you when you caused an accident and you are liable to paying the person for damages and medical expenses. They also offer some benefits like towing free roadside assistance due to emergency breakdown such as flat tyre, battery, mechanical fault, free recovery of car repaired and any other unforeseen breakdown. Adding to the business benefits, discovery insurance offers, car insurance, life and health insurance and business insurance.

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Discovery Car Insurance Reviews

Accord to hellopeter, six hundred and thirty one (631) reports were retieved in the last twelve months (12) months 25% of the reports were good comments while the remaining 75% were complains. That is to say the complaint report is three times the good comments. It was also observed that most of the complaints were based on dissatisfactions of response from the company.

physical address

155 West Street Sandton, 2146

Tel: 0860 751 751


The company has branches in Durban, Cape-town, Centurion and Port Elizabeth.

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