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King Price Insurance

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king price car insurance

King Price Car Insurance Company

King price car insurance was established in the year 2007 as some people with a vision of coming out in a different way. The king price insurance company is headed by Galloway Gideon. A group of people employed by various insurance companies had to leave their job out of frustration of disliking the way in which insurance companies operate at that period, with the aim of coming out with a different approach,

By designing of a modern software programmed to calculate risk. Gideon planned the establishment of king price insurance. Their goal was changing people’s view on insurance in South Africa by; using a discount pricing method with the believe that monthly premium should be reduced as the value of a car depreciates, they also concluded on “no claim bonus” saying that companies put up a high premium at first to reduce them not qualified for claims within the particular period of time.

A few years later, after preceding the invention of business model, king p insurance unlock its entries while they also received the support from Munich Re a worldwide leading in an insurance company. Mr. Gideon Galloway became the CEO.

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King Price insurance Coverage 

King price insurance provides short-term insurance, in both home and car insurance but mostly known for car insurance & business insurance. Protect your business from a variety of business risks in South Africa.

The insurance company offers three types of coverage such as; full comprehensive insurance coverage, third party only insurance coverage, and a third party, theft and fire car insurance coverage.king price insurance

Full comprehensive insurance provides the highest coverage which will cover your car in case of accidents, theft, and fire also covers the third party claims if you are responsible for the car damages.

Customers who pick Third party, theft and fire insurance coverage in king price insurance, will not be covered for whichever damage caused to your vehicle by you. But will only cover for expenses of third party’s vehicle in an incident of fire, lightning or explosions damages, including the injuries.

The third party only will cover you for injuries or damages you have caused to the third party’s property.

In addition to these three options, KP also covers for car equipment and sound system, even car hire for inclusive of the monthly premium. The company also offer king price assistance.  Over these benefits, you are qualified for help with medical assistance, roadside assistance, emergency home assistance, and accident assistance.

Many car insurance companies in South Africa dont offer the same insurance cover package like King Price with decreasing monthly premiums.

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Based on the analysis of research conducted by hellopeter, it was analyzed that king price insurance got over 1200 reports 75% of those reports were of good comment while 25% were of the complaint, this means the report for good comments is three times of the complaints which serve as a good result.

The most report of the complaints was based on inadequate time of response. If king price insurance can improve their rate of response the will earn more heart of the complement reports.

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King price insurance address

Menlyn Corporate Park, Block A 175 Corobay Avenue

P.O Box 284, Menlyn Pretoria, Gauteng, 0063.

Tel: 0860 50 50 50



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