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Old mutual car insurance and iWyze

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Old mutual car insurance

Mutual & Federal insurance Company

Old Mutual car insurance formerly known as South African fire & life assurance company was established in 1831. Which means the company is one of the oldest short-term service providing company in South Africa. Due to economic and political changes in South Africa mainly in the 1960s, the company engages in different mergers such as merging with old mutual not until 2010 when they became subsidiary of the old mutual group.

Mutual Federal insurance

Mutual Federal insurance was headed by Mike Harper, and CEO Raimond Snyders with about 2300 workers. Based on their website page, they work with passion and integrity, respect accountability and also pushing beyond their limits. Apart from the normal insurance services they render, the company is also involved in some social investment programs such as agriculture and education economic development. Mutual and Federal are situated at Peemount House, 152 branston drive, Bryanston 2021 with P.O Box 3909, Randburg 2125.

Mutual & Federal insurance Quote

In case of individual insurance solution, access offers like:

mutual & federal funeral insurance and life insurance

mutual & federal car insurance and home insurance

mutual & federal business insurance

Compare affordable quotes at mutual & federal car insurance company stress free enquirers.

What makes mutual & federal insurance company is different from other insurance company is that they offer insurance solution to individuals, farmers, and small & large business. find business insurance coverage: This means they don’t the insurance product but thy act as middlemen who are experts in finding the suiting insurance answer for your specific requirements. They operate like brokers.Mutual Federal insurance Therefore, if you are searching for insurance, and you have compared some of the online quotes, you will then call them to explain the kind of insurance you want. This company will give you the available options, explain them to you and assist you to get the best option that suits your requirement. After your final decision, the mutual and federal brokers will endorse you continue acting as your dealer in your insurance needs.

Mutual & federal business insurance

mutual & federal business insurance offers comprehensive cover quotes to all enterprises small and large companies in South Africa. Cover yourself and your business against third party claims obtain public liability insurance quotes and cover today.

Mutual & federal car insurance

The aspect of car insurance will be concentrated on.  Car insurance is a committed broker with Sure wise or directly with IWYZE which is the parent company of old mutual.

With the car insurance option by surewise, your particular broker who is from Mutual Federal insurance will register with Surewise. It is surewise that will then issue you with short-term insurance. under the company’s car insurance, they deal with three coverages, they are named; fully comprehensive Mutual Federal insuranceinsurance, third party insurance, third party only, theft and fire insurance. life insurance.

Full comprehensive insurance provides the highest coverage which will cover your car in case of accidents, theft, and fire damage policy also covers the third party claims if you are responsible for the car damages.

In the aspect of the third party, theft and fire insurance you will be covered for theft and fire including the claim of the third party only. That is if you are responsible for the third party damage you will not be covered in case of an accident.

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As for the third party only insurance, you will be covered by the third party claims only . if you are responsible for the car damage or any injury.

Surewise have some benefits such as; Named driver coverage that is if coverages are limited to two particular drivers, your premium can be reduced. Others are credit shortfall coverage, courtesy car coverage, and additional advantageous packages like medical expenses for passengers, remote replacement costs, emergency hotel expenses and trauma counseling.

IWYZE Car Insurance

Car insurance through IWYZE that is, the old mutual also offer the same three options as the same as Surewise. The additional benefits are also same as Surewise.

The difference is that anyone who gets insured through Surewise will deal with a Mutual and Federal broker directly but if on the other hand deal with IWYZE, it means you will be dealing with IWYZE representatives. This means the difference between insuring with Surewise and IWYZE depends on their brokers.

Mutual & federal home insurance

Apply online for affordable mutual & federal home insurance quotes, cheap quick and easy insurance available for you. Obtain comprehensive mutual & federal home insurance quotes and coverage online stress free.

iWYZE Buildings Insurance offers comprehensive cover against fire, flooding damages, lightning and explosions, natural disasters, theft and home outbuilding(s) including garage, walls, gates and fences compare now.

Read more about other car insurance companies in South Africa, Apply for free comparison quotes start saving now.


Mutual Federal insurance Review

Based on the hellopeter, Mutual & Federal about three hundred reports on the company. Out of all these reports, 15% were of good comments while 85% were of complaints. This means the results of complaints are more than the good comments which are not a good result compared to other insurance companies also looking at the age of the company. The complaints were mostly based on customer care.

Mutual Federal insurance contact details

(0860 CALL MF)

St Andrews Rd, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193

Personal Lines Contact
Brokers Email:
Customer Feedback: 0860 634 357

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