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Zurich Insurance

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Zurich Insurance

Zurich Insurance Company

Zurich insuranceZurich insurance was officially established in 1965. The company has about 1000 staff and various branches in South Africa cities. Zurich was created through ways of mergers and innovations between some companies in South Africa. The recent merger was between SA Eagle and BAT financial service which brought about the creation of Zurich in South Africa since 2007 SA Eagle has been with Zurich insurance.

The CEO of Zurich insurance South Africa is E.O Neill. Zurich car insurance is under the umbrella of Zurich group limited company that is located in Switzerland. Based on their website, about 60,000 works were employed in Zurich group insurance limited as they have offices in many countries.

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Accord to the news, five years ago (2013), Zurich wants to invest about $1.0 billion in tax exempted bonds with the goal of decreasing the  influence in changes of weather conditions and assisting societies to adapt with the influence of the weather conditions, this arrangement, if passed through, would reveal the company’s impact to social responsibilities. The head office of the South Africa company is located at 15 Marshall street ferreirasdorp Johannesburg 2001. They also have branches in places like Durban, Cape Town, Nespruit, Port Elizerbeth, and Bloemfontein.

Zurich Coverage

The company offers varieties of insurance for organizations and personal like traveling insurance, home insurance, and vehicle insurance. Organizations like hospitality insurance, marine insurance, farmer insurance and so on.

In the area of vehicle insurance, Zurich offers full comprehensive vehicle insurance coverage as they referred to their brochures for more information on their coverage.  The website also made us know that they have made the insurance coverage to meet up with customer needs.

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Zurich insurance Reviews

According to Hellopeter, a total number of 68 reports were received In few years. Among the reports, 9% were good comments while 91% complained. That is to say, approximately 10 times of the good comments were complains. Most of these complaints were based on not getting a response to the reports. This shows a bad result to the company services which means the company needs to improve the response of their services so as to get more and also not lose clients in their company as these reports will negatively affect the Zurich record. According to the information provide on their website, they lack adequate information where they provide short-term services and also provide assistance to their clients apart from the review. This result shows that the company is not a reliable one.

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