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Civil engineering insurance

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Online Civil engineering insurance policies South Africa

The civil engineering profession in South Africa happens to be one of the professions with high risk find quotes for civil engineering insurance online. It takes a high risk to construct bridges, roads, dams and all other civil engineering jobs. This profession is wide and also involves sub- professions like structural engineers, material engineers, environmentalists, and many others. Without any advice, we should know that this profession needs to be protected.

Insurance quotes for civil engineering

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Engineering factor of safety

The civil engineers should take into consideration the factors that can affect a project such as government policy, cost of construction, environmental factor, weather condition and any other factors which can affect a project.
civil engineering insurance
Civil engineering profession involves compound issues that need technical skill and a better understanding of a particular project. Based on the nature of the profession, there is what they call to try and error which means they make mistakes and corrections during a project. At the end of each stage, they will defend the work they have done so far. If there is any mistake they will hold responsible for it and it may involve a huge sum of money.  This is why they need insurance to cover them to avoid debt. Compare range of insurance rates and plans request call back for quotes, review your coverage online.

Civil engineering insurance policy

There is an insurance policy which is called professional liability insurance. This insurance policy will protect the civil engineers from damages and legal fees. The liability insurance policy is created to cover claims filed against the civil engineer as he will provide a genuine reason for the act. Some of the insurance companies in South Africa run a type of policy called comprehensive indemnity insurance which involves all the whole cover either to the third party in as much as negligence, the omission of error is committed by you. This cover works for every stage during the construction period.

Engineering business insurance policies

Another policy is called simply business. This policy will cover civil engineer from any claims on compensation whether it is road, bridge or any infrastructure projects. There another policy called business legal protection. This policy will cover a civil engineer from any legal fee filed against him in an ongoing project. They will also take the responsibility of defending him in the lawsuit. In this aspect of the policy, the insurer will be responsible for any legal duties. You can find business insurance quotations using insurance expert today. How much would you pay for engineering insurance cost?

Construction and engineering equipment insurance

In South Africa, we also have the cover named business equipment insurance policy. This cover will protect a civil engineer from damage or loss tools used for working on site. The insurer is responsible for getting new equipment into the site, whenever the equipment is damaged, lost or stolen. Vehicle insurance for businesses cars, you can save on fleet insurance policy coverage loss of, or damage to, your motors due to accidents, fire, hail, or unlawful acts.

personal accident insurance policy for engineers

Personal accident insurance policy will cover a civil engineer in the case of an accident during a particular project. The insurer will be responsible for any treatment bills of the civil engineer. There can be an accident during work on site. For instance, while the civil engineer was inspecting the work and trying to make some corrections, he fell on the ground and sustained an injury. This injury can be called personal accident insurance. if this happens will be rushed to the hospital and the insurer will pay for all the bills incurred during treatment.

How does civil engineering work

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