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dial direct insurance

dial direct car insurance company

Dial-direct insurance

The Dial direct car insurance company was launched fifteen years ago as an online insurance provider. Dial-direct insurance is a member of Telesure group in South Africa consisting of A.A insurance, budget insurance, unity insurance, virgin money insurance, ibuyeco insurance, first for a woman, virseker insurance, 1life insurance, auto and general insurance, and prosper insurance.

They started from the united kingdom before the company was launched In South Africa in 2003. They have their headquarters in Dainfern South Africa with well trained professional staff directed by Tom J. Creamer, a known leader in South Africa insurance community.

dial direct insurance app

learn more about how you can benefit from downloading dial direct app and also improving on your driving you can get cash back for safe driving with trip tracking.

dial direct car insurance coverage

Compare the best car insurance offers three option of coverage such as; comprehensive insurance coverage,  third party, theft and fire insurance and third party only insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance will cover you if your car is hijacked. In a situation whereby, you are liable for the third party’s damage in an accident, you will be covered for the damages. In addition, the damage cost of third party’s property will be taken care of it as you are responsible for the damage.

dial direct insurance quotes

A customer, who selects third party, theft, and fire in Dial-Direct insurance, will not be covered for whichever damage caused to his/her vehicle. But will only cover for expenses of towing, in case of fire, lightning or explosions damages, the third party will be covered.

Short term vehicle insurance quote

The third party only will cover for only third-party property accidental damage.

Dial-Direct insurance experts remove the need for involving an insurance broker in order to reduce the cost for their clients. Clients will get a bonus if they do not file any claims for four years. The company, repair vehicles and also manage quotes.

Buy insurance online through dial direct insurance.

dial direct home insurance

save up to 15% on your insurance rates, when you add your home insurance to your vehicle insurance coverage (for existing clients).

Compare comprehensive home contents insurance, dont stress when coming to evaluating risk, apply for the perfect coverage.

Building insurance coverage

Get structure building insurance quotes, cover your home or business with the best insurance plan.

Motorcycle insurance quotes

Cover and protect your motorcycle insurance, compare quotes for your motorbike online.  Get great benefits like getting a reliable tow truck is sent directly to your location when you need it the most.


The aim was to make its clients’ lives easier and offer them intelligent value through innovation. According to reports gathered from hellopeter.com, 75% of the respondents were satisfied with the operation of Dial-Direct insurance while the remaining people with 25% complained. This result shows that the good comment is four times higher than the complaints, which is a good result. However, Dial-Direct insurance should also try to respond to complaintss in order to meet the need of their clients.

Dial direct contact details

Address: 1 Telesure Lane,

Riverglen, Dainfern, 2191

Tel: 0861 007 367

Email: support@dialdirect.co.za

Website: www.dialdirect.co.za

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