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Car insurance jokes in South Africa

Funny Car insurance joke in South Africa

Read on and enjoyed two of the best Car insurance jokes in South Africa, remember do not text and drive or read and drive.

Best Car insurance jokes in South Africa

I want to cancel my policy

Business-man Catzalos was destroyed by a trend in the social media, while he was on holiday. His Business-partners called there insurance agent and said, “The Business-man was insured for R Millions and we want the money.”

“Iā€™m sorry Business-Partners, but it doesn’t work that way said the broker to the partners.

We will have to determine the value of your Business and get you a new business that is worth about the same amount.” the call centre agent said.

The business-partners paused and replied, “Well, in that case, we would like to cancel the policy of the sacked businessman.ā€

The car insurance salesman

An salesman Business-man, account Manager and Supplier are traveling through a dead beach area.

Tired, of the Heat so they had to walk up to some shade.

The Shade they came up to was a illusion there was only shade for two. They had to play rock paper scissors and the losses site out in the heat.

They argued for hours and the one says his feet are on fire he needs bit of shade. While the business-man was resting in the shade, the supplier and account manager started to complain, so they had to fire the Business-man to the firing heat, for playing a childish game like rock paper and scissors.

Hope you will enjoyed two of the best Car insurance jokes in South Africa

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