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Homeowners building insurance

Homeowners insurance can also be called building insurance. This is the type of policy that is specially created to protect the building structure against any scene that might make you lost your property such as, theft, fire natural disaster and so on.

This cover can expand to include other structures such as greenhouses, garage, and all other auxiliary structures in a building. This extension is based on the insurance company you are dealing with because not all of these companies have the provision in South Africa.

Some of the insurance companies in South Africa also include Personal Liability Cover to the building insurance policy. This type of insurance policy is created to make provision for the protection of homeowners from the third party claims such as accidental death, injury, and any other damages which occur on their property. This Homeowners building insurance policy will provide the necessary financial expenses on the damages caused on the third party’s property.

In order to make the right decision please visit the insurance websites and compare their quotes because not all the companies have these policies we have explained. That is why you need to compare them to another so you can select the company that will protect your home the way you want.
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