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How do I insure a new driver?

New car insurance for a first-time driver. First-time drivers have a lot to prepare before taking journeying off to freedom on the national roads. One requirement that many new drivers do not consider is having car insurance cover in case an incident takes place and you know you are covered against accidents.

You can find the best deals online if you its your first time getting insurance or the best way to obtain auto insurance is to be added to an existing insurance policy.

Benefits of being added as a driver on your parents or partners current existing vehicle insurance plan.

Insurance providers consider uninsured drivers as high risk. Having insurance history can come as a benefit, when they add a new driver on the existing policy.

If you do not have insurance you can shop around before buying. compare several different quotes from reliable providers in South Africa, this will help determine the best premium rates for new drivers

Once you reach six-month payment period you can renegotiate with your car insurance provider for lower premium rates you can pay.