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These website terms and conditions are written on this website page to guide the users only. We are not advising the users on products or service providers. www.insuranceexpert.co.za will not be liable for any damage or loss which is caused as a result of depending on the information posted on this page.

Users should make sure that they are satisfied with the product before going into any form of agreement. We hereby let all users know that they need to seek for independent consultants before going into agreement with any product or service.

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Terms and conditions information

Sometimes users find the services rendered by the financial institution and financial service providers in South Africa difficult. The information they provide is also wide and uneasy to understand. That I the reason why www.insuranceexpert.co.za is developed to assist users, by providing understandable and clear information which will give them the clue of what they need.

We always make sure that the information provided on this website is from trusted sources. We cannot guarantee you on the data such as rates, charges, provided by this website because the service providers are not predictable.

By bridging the agreement of our terms and conditions, you are liable to the penalty of non-compliance.


Our website is independent and gives genuine and non-partial information on services rendered by the service providers. Sponsored products are not promoted in our website also advertisement will not disturb our way of independence.

The guides for www.insuranceexpert.co.za are prepared independently, without the element of any of our companies, cooperate body or business partner’s written job.

Though any guide published by www.insuranceexpert.co.za is in accordance and accurate, we are not liable for any loss or damage, which is incurred by the users due to the reliance on information published on this website. Users should try as much to consult experts for personal advice.

Company’s partnership

Most of the service providers in South Africa do not give the real rate of their stocks such as loans, vehicle finance and so on. This is why www.insuranceexpert.co.za could not different those products like the case of some financial institution services.

For this reason, we have built relationships with some independent organizations that link us to a wider range to good companies with quality services and values in their respective dealings. Our website is seen to be rending referral services to these companies. Measures have been made to provide advice and good services, but we are not liable for the loss of users based on the reliance of information publish in these companies.

Please note that any advice provided by other company or partners does not come directly from www.insuranceexpert.co.za

You can contact us on www.insuranceexpert.co.za if you want to make any complaint on our partners.

 Authority of a link to other websites

Our website www.insuranceexpert.co.za does not authorize or gives provision of link from our website to other link or give authority to import materials from another link to our website. We will be liable for any intrude of privacy to your personal information on that website as this will be beyond our capacity. www.insuranceexpert.co.za will not be liable in respect of any material from the third party website that does not have its limit.


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