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Budget Insurance

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Budget car insurance

Budget Car Insurance is a South African insurance company that provides car insurance products for individuals and businesses. Budget Car Insurance offers various types of coverage, including third-party liability, comprehensive, and theft insurance.

In the event of an accident, third-party liability insurance covers any losses or injuries to other people. Damages to the insured vehicle and injuries to third parties are both covered under comprehensive insurance. Loss or damage to the insured vehicle resulting from theft or attempted theft is covered by theft insurance.

Roadside assistance, medical bills, and car rental are just a few of the extra features that Budget Car Insurance provides. When a vehicle breaks down or there is another problem on the road, roadside assistance is available. The driver and passengers’ emergency medical care is covered by medical expenditures. While the insured vehicle is being fixed or replaced, car hire pays for a rented car.

How do I get a car insurance quote? From Budget Insurance

Utilize Budget’s swift online tools to contrast expenses, exclusions, ratings, and deductibles in mere minutes. Remember – the lowest premium may mask insufficient coverage, so choose thoughtfully. Allow Budget’s honest agents to help identify the most suitable match for your budget and needs.

Budget insurance company South Africa

Budget insurance

The budget car insurance company was established in 1998. This company’s motive is to provide less premium and less budget for short-term insurance basics. Budget insurance company is also among Telesure group in South Africa which comprises of; A.A insurance, Auto and General insurance, unity insurance, dial-direct insurance, ibuy eco insurance, first for woman, virseker insurance, 1life insurance, virgin money insurance, and prosper insurance.

According to their website, Budget insurance is a licensed financial service provider. Apart from being part of Telesure group, they are also part of international groups like budget holdings limited in Guernsey U.K and BLG group. This company is under the management of T.J. creamer as the director of the company in South Africa. The Budget car insurance company is situated at 1 Telesure Lane, Auto, and General perk, Riverglen, dainfem.

Request Call me back for quotes apply now. Vehicle insurance that will cover your budget find car insurance quotes today. You dont have to feel unsafe anymore get full protection.

Budget car insurance quote

Budget Car Insurance – Compared Online Quotes

Seeking a car insurance policy that won’t break the bank? Let Budget Insurance be your economical escort. As a well-known insurer, Budget offers basic coverage at commoner-friendly prices. However, before purchasing you must compare Budget’s quotes to other carriers online. Cross-checking rates ensures you find the best bargain on your desired protections.

Stretching your rand has never been easier when it comes to car insurance. With online quote comparison tool, you can quickly find the most affordable rates from South Africa’s top providers – no matter your budget. In just a few minutes, view real-time customized quotes side-by-side to identify the biggest savings.

Our simple tool guides you through selecting coverages and deductibles to build a policy that fits your needs and finances. See how adjusting those factors immediately impacts your premium costs. With visibility into so many options, you’re empowered to find that perfect balance of price and protection.

Full comprehensive insurance covers you for any damage you caused accidentally, fire and theft any other related damages you have caused the third party.

Take advantage of their transparency and easy comparison process – they aim to save customers money. Once you’ve surveyed the field, we’re confident Budget will succeed with top savings.

Budget car insurance coverage

Getting quality car insurance coverage doesn’t have to break the bank. Budget car insurance plans provide the essential protection you need at an affordable price. With basic liability coverage, you’ll be covered if an accident is your fault. This protects you from potentially expensive liability claims while keeping your premiums low. We know peace of mind behind the wheel is priceless.

When it comes to car insurance, Budget will insure your vehicle for its market value, trade value or retail value offer three insurance coverage such as full comprehensive insurance, third party only insurance and theft and fire insurance coverage. Budget plans also include uninsured motorist coverage in case you’re hit by a driver with no insurance. This can save you from paying massive bills out-of-pocket. We believe everyone deserves protection, even on a tight budget.

Overall, Budget Car Insurance offers affordable and comprehensive car insurance options for South Africans. With its various types of coverage, additional benefits, and discounts, Budget Car Insurance aims to provide peace of mind to its customers and help them stay protected on the road.

Budget Car Insurance offers various discounts and benefits to its customers, such as a no-claim bonus, loyalty discounts, and discounts for installing anti-theft devices. Customers can also choose from different excess levels to help reduce their premium payments.

Budget Insurance offers insurance on a budget thanks to low premiums on car, home, building & business insurance. Get a quote & see how it cuts costs.

Is Budget insurance any good?

Budget insurance products and services

Car insurance is not mandatory when you own or drive a vehicle, but is highly recommended. Whether it’s comprehensive cover or third-party liability only; protection against claims made by others helps protect drivers from expensive accidents.

Ditch overpaying and keep more money in your pocket each month. South Africans have saved an average of R1,800 per year on car insurance by using our free quote comparison service. Unlock your best deal now with the convenience of online comparative rates.

Furthermore, budget plans provide the state-minimum level of property damage coverage. While basic, this can help pay for repairs to your car or replace it if it’s totaled. Every little bit counts when money is tight.

  • Car insurance 
  • building and home contents 
  • life insurance 

Out door needs

  • off road bike and
  • out door trailer caravan insurance


  • Fix rims and tiers change
  • scratch and dent cover
  • legal cover  

Comprehensive car cover

Fire and theft with third-party insurance will not cover you for accidental damage to your car but covers you for the damage due to fire, hijacking, or theft of the third party you are responsible for. The third party only is the cheapest among all coverage.

Get building insurance and business insurance. They also provide self-loans, value-added products, and tangible properties. Get a competitive car insurance quote today. Compare quotes today and embark on your insured travels! The open road awaits, protected by a reliable companion in Budget Insurance.

Budget building insurance includes

  • loss or damage caused by fire, explosion, the bursting of geysers, damaged equipment or pipes and storm or flood damage.
  • damage caused by animals, vehicles damages
  • malicious damage to property building
  • break-in or theft  burglary into your buildings
  •  tenant has to vacate the buildings as a result of damage your property
  • the option to increase your Homeowner Liability Cover to R5 million, R10 million or R20 million

Budget insurance benefits

Budget insurance offers some benefits to touch up insurance coverage which include the repair of any scratch on your vehicle,  flat tires, and replacement of damaged rim including auto top-up insurance coverage.

  • Assist benefit
  • Cash back bonus 
  • Expo-sure
  • Biz assist 
  • Bundles

in addition, offers an option called better car value, the option allows clients to when a car is written off it will be replaced with the lesser model with a lower kilometer.

Don’t pay more than you have to for car insurance. Budget plans give you the coverage you need at a price you can afford. The open road awaits! Contact us to get a free quote today.

We believe budget car insurance shouldn’t mean compromising on crucial cover. Let us simplify your search to get quality, affordable vehicle insurance tailored to you. Compare, save and gain peace of mind – it’s that easy! Take control of your costs today.


According to hellopeter, one thousand five hundred (1500) reports where received among the reports about 73% of the respondent give good comments about the company while the remaining 27% give complains. That is to say, the rate of good comments is higher than rates of complaints.

In the reports both services response and repair response were great and most of the reports were responded back by the company. All these reports has made us know the performance of budget insurance which shows that they are more reliable and reputable company. Telesure has done a good job by explaining how each of their options works in details.

Budget contact details:

1 Telesure Ln, Riverglen, Midrand, 2191

086 100 1917

*Based on your profile, your details will be sent to insurance partners that will best serve your needs. That may be a different company than the one featured on this page and form.*

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