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Hollard car Insurance

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Hollard car Insurance

Hollard Insurance Company South Africa

Hollard car insurance was established in the year 1980 by Robert Enthoven who was an insurance broker in the early year of 1950. Hollard InsuranceIt is one of the largest privately owned insurance company in South Africa which has now become well-known insurance company in South Africa. The Insurance company Hollard offers a variety of individual and business insurance options, also to savings and investment services. The chief executive officer of Hollard insurance company is Nicholas Kohler and executive director is Ian Ross all of them are under Robert Enthoven board of director. The insurance company is situated at 22 oxford road, Parktown, Johannesburg.

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Pay As You Drive Car Insurance

Insurance Coverage

Hollard insurance offers business insurance which includes commercial and corporate insurance also workers benefits options. This insurance also offers individual insurance plans such as life insurance, funeral insurance, house contents, legal insurance, and car insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Hollard car insurance option includes a third party, theft and fire insurance and fully comprehensive insurance. They also offer an option called” PAY AS YOU DRIVE”. This type of option is good for customers who drive their car one in a while and don’t want to be fully covered on the little time of driving.

Third-Party Car Insurance

Third-party insurance covers you only against third party claims, for instance if your car gets involved in an accident on the South African roads and you’re legally liable for all the damage to another peoples property or vehicles (your car is not covered against any loss or damage) under this option.

Optional Car Insurance benefits

The company offers some benefits such as free 24 hours emergency assistance, accidental death coverage, car rentals option coverage, fire loss coverage, natural disaster, an explosion.

  • Tyre Damage Cover
  • Scratch & Dent Cover
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Off-road Bundle benefit


According to reports from, it was reported that hellopeter had 385 negative reports from customers 44% of the reports are non-impressive or while 46% were quit-impressive. This means Hollard insurance company is not a reliable insurance company.

Reports like these can lead the company to liquidation because a customer who is searching for the best even affordable insurance company will not border to patronize Hollard. There is a chance of improvement from the unimpressive way the company was by tackling the response on of the customers one after the other.

Hollard contact details

Address: 22 Oxford Road,

Parktown, Johannesburg

Tel: (011) 351 – 5000



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