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Miway Insurance

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Miway Insurance

Miway car insurance company

Miway insurance was launched in the year 2008. Miway InsuranceMiway insurance is a financial service provider company and also short-term insurance provider to its customers. Based on their website, their aim is to give their client excessive value for money products by keeping quality attention and being transparent to their clients. Mi is under Rene Otto as the CEO, Leon Oosthuizen as the COO and Christo Stroman as CFO with the employment of approximately 1200 personnel.

Miway Insurance Coverage

Miway gives reasonable car insurance with the elasticity and choice to select a cover that suits your lifestyle. With some benefits like emergency roadside help, reasonable premiums, an understandable extra structure, hassle-free claim process and free take me a home trip. The company offers the length of services someMiway Insurance short-term insurance such as car insurance, motorcycle insurance, business insurance, personal insurance, bicycle insurance, vehicle warranty insurance, and home insurance. See ways to prevent business risks. Miway also offers three types of insurance such as full comprehensive coverage, third party, theft and fire insurance coverage, third party only coverage and total loss coverage.

My insurance quotes

Full comprehensive coverage will offer you the largest coverage and coverage of hijacking and theft, damages caused by accident explosion or fire also natural disasters such as storms and floods. This type of coverage includes car window damages responsibilities of other parties by accident, as well as deliberate damages to your car.

  • Third party only coverage will provide a cover for the damage you have caused to another person. Loss or damages to a car on risk will not be covered.
  • Third party, theft and fire coverage is different from full comprehensive coverage such that your car will not be covered against damages caused by nature or by accident.
  • As for the total loss, coverage will be provided to customers for total loss of their car only in case of a write off of hijacking and theft. In total loss coverage, you will not be covered for total loss.

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MiWay Celebrates 10 years and HEAR WHY CLIENTS LOVE MiWAY!

Miway Insurance Review

According to hellopeter, Miway insurance obtained about 500 reports in a few years back among this reports, 4.5:1 was of good reports than complaints. This result shows that Miway insurance got importantly more of good reports than complaints. In view of the complains, the complaints are based on the area of customer services. Although the newest complaints have not yet be attended to, both complaints and good reports got a response from the company. I think Miway insurance take their time to respond to complain maybe they will go through some investigations before responding. This shows a good job done and reliability.

MiWay contact details

Address: 48 Sterling Road, Samrand Business Park, Kosmosdal Ext 12, Centurion, 0157

Tel: 0860 64 64 64


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