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Outsurance Insurance

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Outsurance car insurance

OUTsurance Car Insurance provides comprehensive car insurance policies. Their policies offer coverage for accidents, theft, and damage to both the insured car and third-party vehicles. OUTsurance also offers additional benefits such as free roadside assistance, car hire, and personal accident cover. Customers can easily manage their policies online, and claims are processed quickly and efficiently. OUTsurance rewards safe driving behavior with bonuses and discounts on premiums, and their OUTbonus program allows customers to earn cash-back rewards for not claiming.

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Outsurance car Insurance Company

Outsurance Insurance

Outsurance car insurance was founded in 1998. The company was created by Howard Aron, Willem Roos, and Renne Otto. Outsurance is one of the well-known insurance company in South Africa. They work with a slogan that says “you always get something out”. According to Outsurance website, the company is an approved financial service provider and also a member of Rand Merchant Insurance (RMI) group. Gradually, Outsurance stretched their capacity by providing life insurance and business insurance.

They started creating branches in other countries like Australia which is the Outsurance’s sister company involved in car and home insurance and Namibia that is involved in the Namibian short-term insurance market. The core founders of the company (Willem Roos and Howard Aron) the company in Australia and South Africa as the CEO.

According to Outsurance’s website, they listed some projects by which they intend to contribute to the community such as staff helping, pointsmen project and voluntary program of helping hands.

However, Outsurance insurance has its head office situated at 1241 Embankment Road, Zweartkop  Ext 7, Centurion, 0157. Apart from the head office, they also have small offices around key cities in South Africa.

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The aim of those projects is to cater for those in need and also for the less privileged. When Outsurance have the total number of 2500 staff employed to all their offices in South Africa with the belief of making them accessible to their various customers.

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Outsurance essential car insurance

outsurance car insurance

Great offers from Outsurance, Outcurance insurance also offers free24/7 roadside assistance and discount rates with other insurance companies. Based on their web, Outsurance insurance states that they provide competent and fast claims processing.

With Outsurance essential car insurance, you get the basic protection you need for complete peace of mind on the road. Essential cover includes theft and hijacking protection, so you’re covered if the unthinkable happens.

Comprehensive insurance option covers against damages from natural disaster, car accident, hijack and theft and intentional damages. Any incident that that occurs, which you are responsible for the damage or injury to the third party or their property, you will be covered by comprehensive insurance.

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Outsurance home insurance cover

OUTsurance Home Insurance provides comprehensive home insurance policies. Their policies cover a wide range of risks, including fire, theft, natural disasters, and accidental damage. OUTsurance also offers unique benefits such as free emergency home assistance, cover for damage caused by power surges, and trauma counselling services. Customers can easily manage their policies online, and claims are handled quickly and efficiently. OUTsurance rewards customers for their loyalty with discounts on premiums and other benefits.

Outsurance products and services

  • Commercial Business insurance.
  • Fleet insurance.
  • Agricultural insurance.
  • Engineering insurance.
  • Motor traders insurance.

Also get added services like

  • Panic assistance
  • Roadside assistance
  • Outsurance points men
  • The OUTbonus
  • Help@OUT App

Outsurance car insurance plan

Limited car insurance will cover for fire insurance cover, theft or hijack and any incident that occurs which you are responsible for the injury or damages to the third party or their property. This type of policy does not cover your car in case of any accidental damage.

Another option is by purchasing liabilities to the third party where coverage is provided for those cases where you are responsible for damage or injury to the third party or their property. Buy Essential car insurance for maximum protection for your vehicle.

There are other options such as essential option which provides car insurance premium at a cheaper rate based on the data of the car.

They also have a Driver@out option which is based on your safety driving. It offers advantages for driving in fewer miles and the habit of safe driving.

Read more about other car insurance information and car insurance companies in South Africa. Get a easy and free car insurance quote compare now.

Outsurance low car insurance premiums

Outsurance contact number

08 600 70 000

Address : 1241 Embankment Rd, Zwartkop, Centurion, 0157


Based on the result retrieved from the analysis of, it was reported that the ratio of the complaints is higher than a good comment. According to the analysis, the ratio was 2:1 that is to say complaints to complements. The complaints are related to feedback/repair/services, response. Though, there was a response from the company’s representatives to some of the complaints.  According to Outsurance insurance website, they claim that their priority is to cater to the customer’s needs, but still, there are complaints from the customers. The management of outsource should, therefore, improve the skills of responding to clients in order not to lose more customers.

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