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Sanlam Insurance

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Sanlam Insurance

Sanlam Insurance Company

Sanlam insurance was founded in 1918 and has moved beyond a mere insurance company to a big financial service group with various companies and numbers of sections  employing over 6000 people in South Africa. Sanlam InsuranceThe CEO of Sanlam is no one but Johan Van Zyl and Kobus Moller as their financial director. Recent reviews show that Sanlam has been strengthened in the past decades under the leadership of Mr. Johan Van Zyl and also outstanding among a number of financial service providers based in South Africa. In 2006 Sanlam insurance attained African life insurance, funeral policy, and channel life South African.

Sanlam engaged in some foundations and projects like economic empowerment, fight against HIV/aids and educational development with the aim of contributing to the well-being of the society as a big company.

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Sanlam insurance is situated at 2 strand road, Bellville, South Africa. With P.O Box 1, Sanlamhof, 7532.

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Sanlam Company coverage

Sanlam as a big financial services  provider company, Sanlam offers the varieties of services such as;

Personal, short-term and group insurance such as cars and home insurance. They also offer Sanlam insurance trust, home and individual loans, savings and linked products, investment, asset management and capital market activities.

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Car insurance is not offered by Sanlam insurance but through Santam and Miway insurance where they both provide short-term insurance options.

Santam and Miway offer the three types of coverage such as full comprehensive insurance, fire insurance cover and theft third party only insurance and third party insurance.

Sanlam review

According to hellopeter, over the last years, Sanlam insurance have received reports of about 300 responds out of the 300 responds 18% were good comment while the remaining 82% were of various complaints. This report states that the complaints report is over 4 times of the good reports. Based on the complaints, 20% were of charges and lack of response. Both of the response got feedback from the company.

Sometimes complaints turn out to be complements based on the supplier’s response. However, had to solve the client’s issue by doing what is needed to be done. In this case, Sanlam insurance was able to teach the employee in Hellopeter on how to reduce complaints as we all know the not everyone’s mind is a happy mind.

They have succeeded in reducing or preventing complaints and turning some to complements by resolving the issues of their complaints.

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