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Unity Insurance

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Unity Insurance

Unity Insurance Company

Unity insurance company was established 2004 in the month of November. Unity has been under the umbrella of budget insurance not until 2012 when unity insuranceauto and general insurance started backing budget insurance also for unity insurance. However, budget insurance got approved by the short-term insurance register, and through the approval, all policies that were backed by A&G insurance were moved to unity insurance. Meanwhile, budget insurance is among the Telesure Group comprising of  A.A insurance, A&G insurance, unitys insurance, dial-direct insurance, ibuyeco insurance, first for woman, virseker insurance, 1life insurance, virgin money insurance, and prosper insurance.  This company is situated at Nepier street & CNR Barry Hertzog Avenue, Johannesburg with P.O box 11250 Johannesburg 2000.

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Unity car insurance provides an offer for both organization and individuals, car insurance has a variety of options like funeral planning insurance, vehicle insurance, individual accident insurance, and home insurance. All these are categorized under individual insurance.

Unity insurance coverage

In the area of car insurance, unity has four types of insurance coverage. They are; full comprehensive insurance, theft and fire insurance, third party insurance, third party only and off-road comprehensive insurance.

The full comprehensive insurance will cover your car if stolen, involved in the accident including the third party if there are third party claims.

The third party, fire, and theft will for a particular damage in your cars like fire explosion insurance cover, theft or lightning. You can also claim for third party damage. In a case of accidental damage, this coverage will only cover your car. As for the third party only, the option will cover you for third party claims.

Off-road comprehensive will also cover you for unintentional damage or theft. The third party can also be claimed for if you are responsible for the damages.

If you select an option, you will be qualified for Siyabonga bonus. This reward involves paying back all the first year premiums, that is after four years you didn’t claim any insurance. In addition, you are also entitled to free roadside assistance, Trauma assistance, entertainment assistance, medical provision assistance, home assistance and legal assistance.

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Unitys Insurance Review

The company’s website is so friendly and understandable apart from that, Hellopeter also carried out research on reviews of unity insurance company in past year according to the research, 120 reports were received. Out of these reports, 80% were of very good comment while 20% were of complaints. Based on this report, it can be said or rated that the good reports were four times of the complaints. This means that they are a reliable company you can insure with. The most emphasis of the complaints is the area of repairs and services. This result means the company will need to put more effort in the area of providing services and car repairs for their customers.

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