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Pay your traffic fines online

Do you you know if you have any outstanding traffic fines?

Have you ever received letters of notice from the Traffic Department stating that you need to pay your traffic fines?  Are you thinking of paying your traffic traffic finesfines or contesting it in court? Once you receive letters about paying your traffic fines you have to take action, sitting and waiting is not going to help you that is not a wise thing to do.  If you looking for a solution keep reading.

Post issued fines vs Officer issued fine

There is no proof of delivery when coming to post issued fines, reason is the post man has to deliver your fines and anything can happen to anyone’s mail like: Post office strikes, mail getting lost, mailed to the wrong address and so on.  You can pretend that you never got your fines but you have to know that you can be arrested and appear in court to state your case.

Officer issued fine is different section 56 are given to you by moving traffic officers and with that you do not have an option to say you did not receive any traffic fines, the traffic offices actually hands the fine to you by  hand.  So there is no getting away from jail time.

How to check if you have traffic fines

First thing is first you should find out if you do actually have traffic fines.  You are liable for your own traffic fines and you can do that at the AARTO website, it’s a good idea to check on a regular base just in case your post mail is late.  Checking on a monthly base can save you the aggravation of being arrested and hand cuffed you like a common criminal and you will drive to the police station on the back of the police van.

Section 341 speeding fines allow you to obtain evidence of photos that can be used against you in the court of law. If you are wrong and you where found that you did not obey the law you can just simply pay the fine, but in different case where it was not you speeding you can challenge the law in court to get a lesser penalty fee.

Most of the time we do not remember every little detail in our lives or an occasion of a speeding offence, the hardest thing is when you are actually caught on camera that is pretty much irrefutable in court, if you were not driving the vehicle at that time of the issuing out of the fine as the car owner just say who was driving the car and your distresses will soon go away.

How to pay for traffic fines?

The South African Government has widen methods of paying traffic fines, now you have an option of paying electronically so that you avoid waiting in long ques. With all available payment options there is an approximated +80% of traffic fines are not paid.

Do the wise thing and pay your traffic fines to avoid jail time and sparing yourself the embarrassment of being handcuffed and appear in court of law.

Here are the payment options:

  • First National Bank (FNB) online banking system.
  • ABSA and FNB ATM’s have a payment option for traffic fines.
  • The South African post office has a payment option over the counter (cash only).
  • Pay online at AARTO website, payment option is using your bank account.
  • Our local grocery shopping stores like Woolworths, PicknPay, Shoprit n Checkers, Boxer, Spar.
  • Your local traffic department (cash only). Embrace yourself in waiting in long ques for hours on end.

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Concluding paying for your traffic fines

traffic fines

If you do not want to pay for traffic fines or bribe traffic offices do the right thing by following the laws of the road in South Africa, be more careful, make sure your seatbelt is tied, do not drive over the speed limit, do not drink and drive.

Don’t ignore traffic fines that is not wise if you feel its unfair and want to contest the traffic fine. If it’s a small fine and you can pay the fine do so it is cheaper to pay on time.

Please Note:  We do not represent any company stated or published on our website. We are also not a financial services provider or insurance company.


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