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First for Women Car Insurance Company South Africa

First for women car insurance company was founded in 2002. The company is aimed at responding to the needs of women in South Africa. In the year 2002, some people studied the research that that reported a huge number of a women carrying out their own insurance policies. According to the research carried out, less number of women involves in accidents which will make them have a lesser risk.

first for women car insuranceThree people came up with the idea of creating an insurance company that will be particularly based on women’s needs in South Africa with the aim of providing less insurance premium and supportive measures. The three founders of Hollard insurance are; L. Vermaak, J.W Wilken, and T.J. Creamer. The company is among the group named Telesure group. Based on their website, the part of premium collected by first for women was donated to first for women insurance trust with a plan of using the donation to support the South African women empowerment.

First for women insurance company is situated at 1 Telesure Lane, Auto & General Park, Rivergien, Dainfern, 2191.

First for women car insurance coverage & Quote

First for women insurance provides a variation of insurance option, which is particularly provided for women. These are:

Comprehensive car insurance policy- This option, will cover you if your car is hijacked or breakdown. In a situation whereby, you are responsible for the third party’s damage in an accident, you will be covered for the damages. In addition, the damage cost of third party’s property will be taken care of in as you are responsible for the damage.

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First for women car insurance options

Choosing this option, you will be provided with a particular towline which you can use for towing and storage of your car, in case you are involved in an accident.

A third party, theft, and fire is the second insurance policy. In this policy, you will be covered for any damage to your vehicle in case theft or fire damage insurance. In addition, it will cover for third party’s vehicle of any damage caused by you in an accident. However, any damage to your car will not be covered.

The third party only is the third type of offer. This type of policy will allow the coverage of damages to the third party’s vehicle or property in the case of an accident you are responsible for. This option doesn’t cover your vehicle at all. The third party can be covered for a small fee, if you make a specification for the coverage of your car system you can also be covered, you will also be covered for the medical expenses of the third party.

What makes first for women insurance different from other is that they only cater for women particularly, FAB Benefits are an offer by first for women which is aimed to support products. The free benefits are; cash giving back for claims not filed over four years, roadside assistance, free medical assistance and lifestyle benefits.

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First for women car insurance review

According to, 75% of reports were of good report, while 25% were of complaints. This means, that the good report is of three times higher than the complaints. Much of the good reports are related to customer service quality while the complaints response are based on response and billing. This response shows the level of hard work by first for women insurance.

Thats why first for women only insures women

First for women insurance contact details

Address: Auto & General Park, 1 Telesure Lane, Riverglen, Dainfern, 2191

Tel: 0861 11 18 05



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