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Telematics for insurance companies in South Africa

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Telematics with insurance

If you are a safe driver — Save money using Telematics

Few South African insurance companies offer Telematics safe drive tracking for safe drivers, there is a good side and a bad side to everything in life.


There are positives and negatives, and now there is Telematics, the new electronic device which could be referred to as a positive as well as a negative development, which could control your personal lives, whilst on the move in your car but if you are prudent, it could save you some money too. Save up to 30% on car insurance rates.

Telematics is the new kid in the motoring world it would do exactly what you would want it to do, it would keep a track of how you are driving, the mileage you are travelling, the speed at which you would be moving, where you would be at a particular time and a host of other information which would be tabulated via the now accepted “Global Positioning System” or “GPS”.

Telematics derived from the words “Telecommunication” and “Informatics” is quite simple indeed, this technology is now available to be installed in cars which would help monitor cars just like the “black box” in aircrafts.

Saving money by installing Telematics

When you take out car insurance in South Africa, your premiums are based on certain acceptable basic information that insurers would have in their databases, profiling you with others of the same age, area, profession, driving experience and a host of other information that they could compare you too, with. Installing a Telematics device in your car would give you an edge over others but letting the car insurer know what type of driver you are and how you would be driving.

If you are confident that you are a better and safer driver than others on the road you could demand a lower and competitive monthly premium and all that is available to the insurer and they are apt to accept and offer you just that.


Benefits of installing Tracker


The benefits would be constrained to the issue of lower premiums on your insurance because you could be categorized as a “low risk” driver and over time your premiums could reduce drastically.

The other benefit would be to you and the insurer and that would be, if unfortunately your car is stolen or carjacked it could be tracked immediately as the Tracker device would pinpoint the exact location of your car.

You could also track your own driving and try to improve on it which would allow you to brush up where you would be lacking in driving skills, and it will also reflect on your records with your car insurer. 

The downsides of installing Telematics

The negatives would be that the insurer would be like a hawk flying above you, monitoring every driving move that you would make and if you are not a good driver as assessed by yourself, the premiums would increase rather than decrease.

The other factor would be that your every move could be monitored by other interested parties who could use such information against you, even the law enforcement authorities.

Ask popular car insurance companies in South Africa about safe driving performence.

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