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Insurance claim

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Insurance claim

How does insurance companies handle claim in South Africa

Insurance claim form? How does insurance companies handle claims? The first thing they do is to get the detailed data of every involved in car accident. This information will make it easier and quicker. It also allows for more pleasing closure as well. Therefore, Try to inform your insurance provider about the accident. Get out of the car, and start recording the person’s name, the model of the vehicle, license number, and information of contact don’t forget to ask if the person has insurance information. If two or more persons are involved in the accident keep the information all their information.

insurance claim

Accident and insurance claim

The time and location of the accident are also necessary. You bring your phone or camera to get a video evidence of the scene. Some claims might not be believable if you don’t get more evidence to avoid problems. Phones and video cameras are undeniable records in this type of case.

You should take the pictures of all the recorded information including the damaged vehicles and identifiable landmarks near the place of an accident if possible. Security agencies at present on the scene can assist in making the claims stronger.put down his/her name and badge number as the witness who can help support the facts. Someone should also call on medical personnel close to the location of the scene. Their information is also needed. After all the information is being recorded, you will file the claims through the phone to the insurer or through an independent agent then the company will begin its own part. Only drivers experience part of the process because of some negotiations and compensations are all behind the scene.

Insurance claim

Therefore you must provide as many information as:


Insurance policy number:

Owner of the car:

Model, make, and the year of car with the plate number:

Time, date and location of the accident:

Damages and injuries as result of accident:

Name of people in the car (if any):

Explanation of how the accident happened:

Name and badge number of policeman present to investigate the scene:

Any other information you can get from other drivers and their vehicles:

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Insurance ombudsmen

Insurance ombudsmen of South Africa is just a call away, use them if you are un happy with your claim

Car crash accident scene on N1 Pretoria

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