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Scratch and Dent

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No More Worries with Scratches and Dent

Scratch and Dent – It is incomprehensible! But it is true!

A recent survey in South Africa has disclosed that 84% of all cars less than five years old are being scratched and/or dented by jealous individuals for no reasons at all. If you and your beloved car are unfortunate to be the target of such an attack then you are in for a hefty drain on your wallet, as such repairs could cost anything from a few hundreds to even thousands of Rand.

Insurance companies are well aware of the present trends and are offering an unprecedented scratch and dent car insurance cover for whoever would be unfortunate enough to face the predicament that all those 84% out there have encountered and “paid through their noses”.

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A premium between 100 to 180 Rand, should give you peace of mind knowing that your car even if it is vandalized would be back to its pristine condition in double quick time, if you had been prudent enough to take out the new “scratch and dent” car insurance policy

Your policy does not only cover “scratches and dents” but covers many other nitty-gritty aspects which would have been a worrying factor for you whenever you would park your car in a place where you would have no other choice but to do so under the circumstances. 

Apply for dent cover from South Africans top providers, protect your car with scratch and dent vehicle insurance today.

Benefits of a scratch and dent insurance cover

A “scratch and dent” car insurance policy would be an additional cover to what you already have and it could be either taken as an additional clause to the original policy or as an appendage to a car insurance policy already in effect.

Taking out a scratch and dent additional car insurance policy would entitle you to the usual “no claim bonus” even if you have carried out any such repairs during the course of the year, and additionally you would be entitled to a maximum of 12.5% cash return, if you have not had any accidents during the year. See what scratch and dent insurance specialists have to say about your vehicles coverage. Get low premium rates.

scratch and dent

If you are unfortunate to find your car scratched or dented, just pick up the phone, call up and make an appointment and a professional would be sent to your home or workplace, and “eureka”, you would be rid of those “scratches and dents” in just a few minutes, and all you would need is to pay up your monthly scratch and dent premium on time.

Whilst some car insurance companies don’t some others do up even those “scratches and dents” that are visible even before you had thought of taking the scratch and dent car insurance policy.

The benefits from this unique additional car insurance cover would include repairing windscreen cracks but not replacement, tar spots on your car would be removed and correcting dents where painting is not required and all scratches, and that is not all.

For good measure you could also enjoy the removal of unpleasant odors from the interior of your car, a quick fix for your air conditioning, replacements of headlight bulbs, protective coating for your seats and some other little things too.

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