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Momentum car Insurance Company South Africa

Momentum car insurance was established in the year 1966. In 2010, Momentum and Metropolitan merged together and became part of MMI group which is momentum insurancenow among the list of largest insurance in South Africa. Momentum insurance also involved in community development and has a foundation which aims at education, care, and prevention in the area of incapacity and initiatives of HIV/AIDS in the community.

Momentum insurance parent groups are named in the Johannesburg stock exchange. The chief executive officer of MMI is Kruger Nicolas, he started with momentum in the year 1991, while in the year 1999, Wilhem Van Zyl was appointed as the CEO of Momentum investments and  later joined Metropolitan Odyssey.

Momentum has its headquarters in Centurion. They employed over 5000 staff all operating in counties like South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Lesotho, Kenya, Mauritius, Zambia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Namibia and united kingdom.

Momentum Insurance Coverage & Quotes

Momentum offers short-term services to both personal and organizations and also long-range financial services and investment services, all-around financial wellness service, life insurance services and retirement scheme with the collaboration of the biggest investment houses in South Africa so as to provide investment chances to meet the investor’s needs.

Momentum provides a wide range of services. One of the services is car insurance service. The company’s car insurance provides short-term service for all investment transport and your car insurance requires an extraordinary breakdown services and changes cars. All types of the vehicle registered in South Africa are eligible for insurance such as cars, light delivery vehicles, agricultural, motorcycles and any type of vehicles.

Some benefits derived from investing in momentum insurance such as driver insurance which is of three different vehicles.

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They are 24-hour free road assistance, insurance of vehicles at retail value, the hiring of the car to follow an incident at most for 30days.

  • Cashback bonus of up to 30% per year

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Momentum Car Insurance Review

According to hello peter, 98 reports were delivered out of the 98 report, 81% were of good reports and the remaining 9 reports were complaints. Among the comment, there was a customer who wrote that the company provides a wide range of choices of selection from their options and explained every option in details which guides him in making the best-suited choice.  This shows that momentum insurance is a reliable company. They show a good and accurate response to all comments from their customers which they are satisfied with the company’s response.

Head office physical address

268 West Avenue

Switchboard: +27 (12) 671 8911


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