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Petrol price increase

Petrol price increase for South African Motorists

Petrol price increaseSouth African motorists are facing another petrol price increase today, twice in on month it is estimate to be around R19 per liter in December. As from the 2 October 2018 midnight the petrol price will be R17.0 that is a huge knockout for motorist and small businesses.

Petrol grades, 93 and 95 (Unleaded & Leaded), will increase by R1 per liter separately starting from midnight on Tuesday night. This will increase the overall retail price of 95 ULP for inland motorists to R17.08 and R16.49 at the coast this is the biggest increase South Africa will face.

The diesel cost will go up by R1.24 per liter and paraffin wholesale will increase by R1.04 per liter, while paraffin will increase by R1.39 per liter. The maximum retail price of gas will also increase by R1.79 per kilogram.

Petrol price during lockdown

petrol price increase

South Africa needs another alternative solution for energy

petrol price increaseThe effect rand’s depreciation‚ was mitigated by a decrease in the prices value of crude oil and as well as in imported prices of petroleum products will see farther increases.

Brent crude oil has decrease by $3 from $77 per barrel to $74 per barrel during the past period. The main goal was to lower crude oil price so that the organisation of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) and there affiliated associates agreed to increase prices to that they could take market share from their rivals and calm prices to avoid moderating demand growth during their meeting on June 22 2018. This also impacts the local petrol price increase and some countries in Africa are not effected by this.

South Africa needs bio petroleum

We as South African business can look at alternative bio petroleum that is also eco friendly, cheap and would make new up coming business rich an would play a important role in the economy.

There are ways to start a bio petroleum company.

  • Know fuel transporting regulations of South Africa
  • Get fit and qualified drivers.
  • Knowing general duties
  • Go through Lernership and know every rule in the industry
  • All specifications and code of practice
  • What is more profitable to transport? Petrol or diesel?
  • National petroleum production system in South Africa
  • Transnet role in fuel transportation of bio fuel

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petrol price increase


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    Helpful info, petrol is to expensive.

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    I wounder if the petrol price will go any lower R9.00 will be perfect

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    Could anyone advise me regarding the deadline for fuel price reduction? Wishing you Happiness and Good Cheer this Christmas.

    Happy holiday South Africa

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    I hope the petrol price oneday goes to R11, per liter in South Africa

    I love your article anyway.

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  22. socoin

    Before march there will be another petrol decrease, Zimbabwe sow their highest increase to 35$ per liter

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    South africa, will see another fuel price increase. People will not be happy. 2019.02.06


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