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Virgin money insurance was established in the year 2006 by the international group named virgin group which was headed by Richard Branson. The company was set up in order to financial products which can easily be managed and understand. Virgin Money InsuranceAs time goes on, they noticed what they described as differences in the offering of insurance and the ways it was being offered.

By responding, then virgin insurance was established, with the goal of offering short-term insurance services and products in an appropriate way. Virgin insurance is also part of Telesure group that comprises of A.A insurance, budget insurance, unity insurance, dial-direct insurance, ibuyeco insurance, first for a woman, virseker insurance, 1life insurance, auto and general insurance, and proper insurance. Virgin insurance is owned by Viney Padayachee. The company has offices at 1 Telesure lane Riverglen 2191 Dainfern.

Virgin Insurance Coverage and Quote

Virgin money insurance offers some coverage such as fully comprehensive coverage, third party coverage, theft and fire insurance coverage, comprehensive off-road car coverage and third party only coverage. They also offer some short-term services and a product of vehicles and home insurance.

As far as you are a client of the company,Virgin Money Insurance if you apply for the comprehensive insurance option, you will be entitled to coverage in the cost of towing and restoring your car in the nearest repair workshop in case of hijacking and theft, damages by accident, third party property damages by you.

Any client who picks a third party, theft, and fire in virgin insurance, will not be covered for whichever damage cause to the third party vehicle by him/her. But will only cover for expenses of towing the car to the available closest repair workshop in case of fire, lightning or explosions damages, the third party property you damaged, hijacking and theft.

The third party only as it is named covers for only third-party property accidental damage.

Comprehensive off road car insurance option is for people who like using their car on rough roads. Everything will be covered for any loss or damage to the car, though driving around various South Africans countries.

They will be paid not more the second-hand value in the case of car theft and not more than 12months. Virgin insurance will also cover for expenses if injured while driving your off road car including the installation of tracking device if needed.

  • Virgin car insurance also provide roadside assistance.

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 Virgin Insurance Company reviews

According to Hellopeter in past year 785 reports were received out of 785 respondents, 65% were good comments, but the remaining 35% were based on complaints. Though the response of good comment is more than the ones of complaints, most complains were based on charges/account and servicing /repair which is crucial aspects and they have given a response to the complaints. They have also been rated as the inability to respond on time.

Virgin insurance address

1 Telesure lane Riverglen 2191 Dainfern.

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