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Truck Insurance South Africa

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Truck Insurance

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It is critical to get truck insurance since it may save you from financial disaster

truck insurance

Truck insurance is vital for anyone who drives a heavy goods vehicle, it could protect you and your vehicle. The purpose of any type of insurance is to protect you financially if the worst was to happen to your truck. There are different types of insurance, comprehensive coverage, or third-party coverage. Comprehensive truck insurance covers your vehicle if it gets damage as well as your medical expenses if you or your passengers get hurt.

Third party coverage only covers the other parties in an accident and not your truck. Therefore, I would recommend full compressive insurance for your Truck. It is crucial for you to insure your vehicle as soon as possible because you never know when the worst could happen, SO DON’T HESISTATE!

Average cost of truck insurance

This amounts to R12 8257,18 and R171 009,57 a year in South African value.

The average cost of insurance is between $9000 and $12000 dollars a year,

This will vary dependant on the size of truck other contributing factors such as a Blackbox or tracker. This however is a small price to pay compared to the total costs of damages which can go over the $12000 dollars in one crash with some costs as high as $20,000. Covers R171009,57 and the highest R 285015,96 in South African value.

That is a year’s salary for some people, so instead of having to borrow large sums of money if the worst was to happen pay a small amount every month to make sure you don’t get caught out. That is why it’s imperative that you insure your truck immediately.

Commercial Truck Insurance

Truck and Trailer insurance

Trailer insurance is also important to think about when insuring your truck as without a trailer there’s no point in having the truck. One piece of serious damage to your trailer and suddenly, your major source of income is wiped out. Trailer insurance is also crucial to have as it covers the goods inside the tailer, this allows you to goods in transit insurance for a peace of mind that if something goes wrong you won’t be out of pocket. With quotes as low R1526,25 as £90 you’d be crazy not to cover yourself and give yourself a more peaceful journey.

South Africa truck coverage

truck insurance

In South Africa truck insurance is crucial, with truck drivers usually driving far and wide across the country, it is only a matter of time before something happens. With organized crime also prevalent in south Africa the chances of a hijacking are also increased meaning that you would need to be covered to prevent the possibility of being left with no truck or trailer. Without insurance one hijacking could leave you jobless with no return, that’s why I’m begging you to insure your truck and trailer as soon as possible. Get stock insurance quotes today.

What does the costs cover?

truck insurance

The Cost could be as low as 10,000 south Africa Rand, which to prevent becoming unemployed by losing your truck and trailer, or having to pay out of pocket for all the other range of either mechanical or accidental issues that could occur is a small price to pay.

This price covers job security and a steady income stream, it covers any mechanical issue big or small, and it also covers the worst eventuality a crash leaving the truck or trailer written off. This is peace of mind you’re paying for and that’s priceless.

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