OUTsurance Vs King Price

Head to head OUTsurance Vs King Price

Look at OUTsurance vs King Price insurance company. Car insurance is one of those things that you just have to have if you’re staying in South Africa. It can also be a difficult and stressful to find the right cover that’s perfect for your day to day lifestyle be it business insurance or house and home insurance, life insurance. Insurance expert has set out to the best comprehensive car insurance quote between OUTsurance vs King Price and

OUTsurance Vs King Price

there is also many other insurance providers in South Africa, anyone can do their own legwork and  hunt down the best most cheapest deals for their own insurance quotes.

If you continue reading this blog post, you will find all the relevant information you need to decide on the company that best suits your day to day needs.

The policies you can ask for are the following

1. Comprehensive Car Insurance

 This covers protects your car against events, like liability claims, (list of most stolen cars) / car theft, hail damage, damage to third parties, car hijacking dent and scratches, and even universal damage.

2. Outsurance Liability Cover 

This policy covers you for R5 million cover for the insured car. Take advantage of this cover if your cars value is less then R100 000 or if it is older than 5 years. This includes protection against fire insurance, rain flood, snow, explosives and more.

3. Essential Cover

In case you damage third party car, you will be covered for a maximum of R1 million.

There are benefits for having Outsurance Insurance policy you cannot ignore.

: For example, you can get guaranteed premiums for 12 months. There is a emergency services available 24/7 no matter the kind of bad problem you are in –flat battery, flat tyre, lack of fuel-. What’s important is that, you can get covered to travel abroad outside the country. You can drive along the countries of Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland without worrying about any incidents taking place. You are covered.

Notable benefits include

  • The famous well known OUTbonus – its paying 10% of your total premiums back if you dont claim in three years.


The different types of car insurance policies available:

1. Comprehensive Car Insurance

 with full car insurance cover, your car will be covered against theft, hi-jacking (list of most stolen cars in South Africa), and any other accident. You also are protected in case you damage any other third party involved in accident (10 Things to do After a Car Accident in South Africa).

2. Third Party, Fire and Theft Car Insurance

 this cover protects your car against hi-jacking / theft and liability for their party damages. Damaged properties due to fire.

3. Third Party Only Car Insurance

 this insurance cover exclusively protects other parties damages in accident. If you damage another cars or property, King Price will take over the expenses.  

What is important about King Price, is that you save money every month their premiums get reduced every month.

Notable benefits include

  • Premium get reduced every month with the rate of depreciation of your car.  
  • Open driver policy
  • Roadside assistance partnered with Europe car
  • Kings cab – go home driving service

Request to to get a call back for car and home insurance quotes today.

* Car Insurance Companies will contact you soon based on your requirements and this may differ from featured insurance companies on this page.


  1. vladimir

    I like them both,

  2. James

    Im insured by Santam I think they are better insurance company

  3. lee-anna

    I want to quickly get quotes from both companies.

    call me back

  4. Cindi

    Whilst I’ve noted that outsurance covers your car in Zambia. King price doesn’t.


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